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Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients

Happy clients are our priority!

  • "Chris-I feel like I didn't thank you properly. You are amazing! My hair is REVIVED! I needed this so badly! You did an AMAZING job blending my sad mess!"
    Jennifer B
  • "#hairbyhonnah is the best! I don't get my hair cut as often as I should, partly because I have a hard time finding someone I can trust with my hair that knows how to layer the way I like it. Honnah gave me great advice and even helped me to save some money. I'm excited to try the new shampoo she suggested to turn my highlights to pastel purple! Will post updated pic in a day or two! Thanks again, Honnah!"
    Dana D.
  • "Just had my hair cut by Kylee, and she did an amazing job! She listened to what I wanted, and gave me the haircut I asked for, I love it and my husband noticed it right away. He even thought I'd had my hair colored! Thank you, Kylee, for the perfect haircut! ♥"
    Shan S.
  • "I went here on a whim last week and I'm so glad I did! I showed Kylee a picture from Pinterest and she totally nailed it! I love it and I'll definitely be back! :)"
    Angela R.
  • "Got my hair done there and it turned out great. Can't wait to go back for a tan or when ever I need a hair cut. It's my new favorite place."
    Kristy B.
  • "Honnah was great. I'm in the work in progress stage with my hair, but I like where we are heading."
    Denise B.
  • "Got my spray tan done by Kylee and she did a stellar job of customizing it to what I felt was perfection for me!"
    Katie S.
  • "This place is the hands down best around. They go threw all the steps and make sure it's done correctly and looks beautiful. You are both amazing. Thank you for the time you spent with me today ♡"
    Amber V.

Meet Our Talented Team

Here are some of the friendly faces you'll see at our salon!

  • Chris at Studio5
    Master Stylist / Salon Owner
    Growing up in Arlington I always knew I wanted to help people look and feel better. I have a memory being age five and giving my babysitter a “make-over”. I loved playing with her long hair. In high school I was the girl giving my friends make-overs and doing their hair and make-up for prom. I graduated from AHS in 1989 and had my sights set on attending beauty school. Well here I am 25 years later and I am still doing what I love, helping people look and feel better with “the make-over”.
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  • Honnah at Studio5
    Master Stylist / Assistant Manager
    I became fascinated with the beauty industry a young age. It wasn't until I had joined the theater department in high school that I really broke out of my shell. I found the love of transforming someone on stage. I took my role as the hair & makeup artist to heart when I was nominated from the 5th Ave Theater in Seattle for my work in a musical.
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  • Kylee at Studio5

    I absolutely love working with people and making them feel beautiful doing their hair. I feel so inspired working with icy blondes, fashion colors and color melting because it really allows me to become creative and the possibilities are endless. I fell in love with the beauty industry at a young age. I can remember rushing to finish my hair and makeup before prom pictures because I spent all day helping everyone else get ready. I was always hanging out with my friends and styling their hair.

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